Costs &  Calendar

@ Christy Sanchez Photography: 2019


@ Christy Sanchez Photography: 2019


IMAGINE 2021 is priced from $250.00 per student

(priced from $325.00 per student with 2 nights of hotel

in a quad occupancy room)

and $75.00 per chaperone

(priced from $215.00 per person with 2 nights of hotel

in a double occupancy room)

Observer-Only Passes:


$25 for admission EITHER Saturday afternoon or Sunday during the day
(does not include workshops, Friday night activities, or awards)

for all 3 days of workshops/events- $100



For Students & Chaperones, the IMAGINE registration includes:


• Friday auditions for Saturday night’s production number showcase or workshops

• An on-stage feedback clinic after each performance/presentation

• Master Classes/Workshops with professionals in the theatre field

• A special awards ceremony just for Imagine attendees

• Trophies awarded from 1st through 3rd place in all categories


Each organization may enter as many group categories as they wish; however, students may not participate in 2 groups that compete against one another.

  • Small Group Ensemble Entries- $150.00

  • Large Group Ensemble Entries- $150.00

  • Entry Fee for Solos- $100.00

  • Entry Fee for Duets- $100.00

  • Entry Fee for the 3-4-5 Category: $100.00

  • Entry Fee for Costume, Set, Props, or Make-Up Design- $75.00




Deadline Dates to Remember

• The initial deposit is due 2 weeks following registration to confirm your place on the schedule
  (applied to your total package).

• Additional payment will be due November 1st, 2020.

• Submit list of entries to Imagine (form will be provided) no later than December 1, 2020.

• Hotel rooming list due to Imagine (form will be provided) no later than December 1, 2020.

• Additional payment is due December 1, 2020.

• Final Payment is due on or before January 1, 2021.

• In late December or early January, schedules will be sent; directors have approx 1 week to notify us
  of schedule corrections or misspellings. Other than these typos or conflicts within the schedule, no entry
  changes can be made after the draft schedule is sent to the director.

• Final Performance schedules and other information will be shipped to directors mid-late January.