For all groups in Colorado affected by the Covid 19 Pandemic:

                                               Directors- We watched as one by one as your shows were cancelled,

                                               your trips put on hold, you worked so hard to schedule postponements

                                               that aren't likely to come, you took down never-seen sets and folded

                                              never-seen costumes, and you put on a stoic face to tell the kids "it'll

                                              be okay".

Students- We watched your cast crying as you clung to one another, as the Seniors worried whether they would actually get to perform, and felt the sting as all of your hard work might never be seen. 

Our hearts are with you all. 

We want to help, and we can give you a place to connect again, create GREAT art, inspire each other, and develop as artists.  Colorado groups affected by the Pandemic will attend Imagine Theatre Competition 2021 for NO CHARGE.

Here are the details, at this time, for groups in Colorado only:

  • Students are encouraged to enter additional categories for solos, duets, and technical categories. Prices for these are found under "Calendar & Costs".

  • The Group's Lead Director attends free of charge.  We are offering 1 free chaperone for up to 15 students, 2 free chaperones for 16-30 students, and 3 free chaperones for 31-45 students.

  • Observer Passes are $100 for all 3 days, or $25/day Sat & Sun only to observe competitive performances.

  • Not included are hotel, meals, additional entries, chaperones (over & above the amount included), and transportation.

  • Included are:  all workshops/master classes, Friday night's auditions, group
    adjudications (written and live clinics), and awards.

We are working on some housing availability if your group cannot stay in hotels-
please indicate your need when registering.  Of course, space is limited.

What's the catch?:  there isn't one. There is one hoop to jump through- please
see the details at the bottom of the registration page.

To register your group, click on "Register for Imagine 2021" above.