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What's Behind Your Curtain?

There are a lot of factors to consider when trying to select the right competition or festival for your students.   At IMAGINE, our goal is to offer the highest quality educational experience for your students and give them inspiration to continue to develop their passionate love of theatre.  And we are here for you- whether you’ve done many years of student travel, or this is your very first time.  From parent meetings to first fund-raisers, we've seen it all and our staff is here to assist you.

Directors bring students to IMAGINE to:

  • seek professional adjudication for feedback on your performing groups.

  • allow students the opportunity to meet other students who share their devotion for theatre.

  • give more in-depth feedback than you may be able to give during regular classes and rehearsals.

  • give a chance for someone new to see your students & give very focused direction.

  • gain confidence through a positive learning environment.

  • introduces students to the competitive world of theatre.

    And- there is fun for you, too.  Our directors get to meet one another & you'll get to see lots of groups perform.  You bring your talents to IMAGINE, and we want you to be inspired, too!  While you're here, take a look around the site to learn about categories of competition, awards structure & much more!


Who Comes to IMAGINE?

Students are eligible to come to competition without having to pass an audition process- and we strongly recommend to our directors that they allow any student who has an interest in theatre to attend.  As you know, there are many different jobs in the theatre world, and whether their talents are on-stage or off, they will all find something to ignite their passion here.  IMAGINE being part of a Tony-award winning student’s journey to become a costumer, a professional properties designer or a performer.  It is all here for their inspiration!

Already Registered?

Directors receive the following discounts toward their package:


For 9 or fewer students, the Director pays the Chaperone, single occupancy rate


For 10-14 students, there is a 50% discount


For 15-19 students, there is a 75% discount

and for


20 students or more, the Director's package is FREE.

@ Christy Sanchez Photography: 2019

What Happens at an IMAGINE Weekend?

Friday night: afternoon arrival & check in, a special audition opportunity for performance students to be part of our Sunday night Awards Ceremony performance.

Saturday: Students, Tech Students, Chaperones/Parents attend workshops in many theatrical disciplines.  In the afternoon, students will present their entries in ensembles, solo, duet and technical categories for adjudication. 

Sunday:  Today, students will perform for group adjudications/clinics.  The day ends with a musical theatre performance by the students chosen from Friday night’s auditions.


You are welcome to extend your stay on the front or back of the weekend. Ask, and we can quote you pricing for additional nights in the hotel and/or help with tickets to shows or other sightseeing locations. 

For Your Planning:  All performance-based entries must be from a published work of musical theatre.